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Explosive Joy

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

The human heart is a spectacular part of the body that we are yet to truly appreciate. Yes the heart keeps us alive and beautifully pumps blood all around our bodies, but why?

The heart is alive. The heart explodes at around 80 beats per minute, and beats around 100,000 times a day ... and does so.... without doubt or conditions but with explosive cyclical joy. Why then don't we feel that same explosive joy? What stops us? What gets in the way of us feeling abundant love?

We often hold back feeling love because we have felt hurt in the past. But why carry hurts? If 'hurt people hurt people', then isn't it time to heal the hurts?

What stops you from opening your heart? What makes your heart sing?

Feeling the explosive joy in our hearts is our natural expression. What gets in the way of us all appreciating this? We are often conditional and hold back the love until others show that they care first. But this never works. Loving ourselves and others is unconditional and our natural way. When you bring your all, your body opens up to more love. You are more open to receive love. There is a natural flow.

To truly appreciate our pulsing heart we have to remember to let go and let the love IN and OUT. Our connection to our bodies and beating hearts is always true and ignites and unites us all through our lives with every single heartbeat.


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