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The Lone Wolf

Wolves run in packs. Working together to stay safe, hunt and collaborate as a team. So then, what is a lone wolf? The lone wolf is one that moves outside of the pack, and therefore loses the strength of moving as a team. Are you a lone wolf and therefore does this make you lonely?

Alone or lonely?

Loneliness is not about being alone is it? This is proven when we are living in a family, working or evening socialising and still feel the coldness of being lonely. Being lonely seems to arise from a lack of true connection. This may be to another and can also be with ourselves.

For example. You are in a crowded room. The conversations are of no depth and seem to comprise of gossip and idle chit chat. You sit amongst the crowd and sense an isolated and seemingly empty feeling, like no one cares and everyone is avoiding any depth or intimacy. You call it. I am lonely. This is a lonely situation where others do not see me and do not connect to me.

But there is more. What if the feelings of loneliness are even more about our own deeper connection to ourselves? Our own relationship with our inner world, deeper feelings and greater understanding of our true essence. What if being lonely first comes from our disconnection to a deeper part of who we are and with that we then seek something outside of ourselves to fill the empty void.

Loneliness is an epidermic responsible for relationship issues, family breakdowns, isolation, withdrawal, social media binges, social anxiety, depression, phobias, porn bingeing, dis ordered eating, mental and physical illness and more.

What if it is up to us to be responsible for our connection to ourselves, and therefore others? What if it is up to us to nurture, and cultivate our connection to our innerselves and to feel our inner beauty and wealth, a vast eternal world that is filled with love and wisdom, and a depth of connection, where loneliness has no part to play.

What if we stopped and checked in rather than out and instead felt deeply connected to our body, heart and inner wisdom and therefore the loneliness we once felt would no longer place a cold and empty filter on our world.

The truth is that when we are deeply connected to our own inner self there is no loneliness in sight. We feel a warmth, transparency and connection that emanates out and by virtue of this, we connect more naturally to those around us.

Are you lonely? Have you ever felt lonely? Do you have others around you that are lonely?How does this effect your life? What can you do to make change?

Loneliness should not be a thing in a world full of 7 billion people. Our natural state of being is to feel deeply, connected to each and every person on this planet. This starts with you. Reconnect back to the real you and when you do you will realise that we are all connected and have so much to share in the world. We are One of many.

We are never truly alone.

The lone wolf howls are the moon but why? Not because it's lonely but because it's connected to the beauty, depth and magic of the cycles of life. Do you run with the pack or move in isolation? Either way say connected to your true self, reach out to others and the warmth in your heart will never have you feeling lonely again.

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