Wellness Programs can support individuals and teams to develop and strengthen skills across a variety of areas including:



A series of one on one Counselling courses ~ offering programs that support the individual to consistency build on their self development, unlocking old patterns and beliefs and igniting new health ways of life.


Kathryn can support your team to increase their quality of workplace relationships and purpose. Leaders also benefit from confidential one-to-one mentoring and counselling as part of a whole organisation approach to instill greater collaboration and community at work.

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One to one counselling and mentoring programs addressing mental health, empowerment, body image and true beauty.


Love camp is a powerful and personalised 1~12 stage ONLINE counselling program designed to support you to deepen and enrich your care and love for yourself. 

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About our programs

Wellness Programs can also be tailored to support with:


  • Appreciation Programs



What is Love Camp?


Love Camp is a Program developed and designed to support you to reconnect back to the powerful art of appreciation. Each program is individually tailored to suit your needs. It has a stage by stage process usually held fortnightly.  The  1~12 Stage program is designed to support clients to deepen and enrich their care and love for themselves. Love Camp is based primarily on appreciation, behaviours that get in the way, addressing anxiety, confidence, self-worth, relationships & life.


In a world that is often in opposition to our natural expression, Love Camp private sessions & group work supports people to develop the tools they need to bring out their true selves. Once the fire is ignited it can change peoples personal lives, awareness, health, relationships, family, work and life in general.


The Love Camp process is based on the magic and science of numerology. Observing the flow and power each number offers when taking you on the Love Camp cycle.

Also available are the following programs:

  • Health and wellbeing programs developed for educators and parents to provide solid support for children, teens and young adults.


  • Mentoring Staff and Leadership ~ Programs to awaken and hone their skills, supporting people to feel inspired to connect with and inspire others.


  • Group workshops ~ programs that bring groups together, supporting them to collaborate and work as teams without dynamics that prevent true team work.


  • Beauty & Inner Image Mentoring ~ Programs addressing mental health, body image and true beauty.



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