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About Me

I absolutely love working with people. I have worked in many different capacities over many periods in my life including in beauty, fashion, wellbeing, education and mental health and my embodied wisdom and practical tools for life are rich, varied and far - reaching.


Working as a Counsellor and Mentor allows me to express my deep commitment to us feeling our purpose in life and being our true awesome selves. This includes supporting others to re-ignite and re-connect to the deepest part of who they are. 

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn Fortuna is a Business Development Counsellor, Mentor and facilitator for
businesses and organisations that feel passionate about the growth and vitality of their
business, staff and communities.

As a Business Development Counsellor, Kathryn aims to support employers to promote
mental health awareness and management within their teams and working communities. Supporting organisations and businesses by collaborating and co-creating unified, healthy and productive workplaces that prioritise their staff and therefore support the growth of their businesses and teams as a whole.

“The wellness of your business and teams within your organisations, companies, communities and staff from the ground up, relies on the values and support systems
that you put in place within the philosophy, practice and framework of your
business. Workplace wellness is key to the success of your community.” KF

As a Strength-Based Counsellor for individuals, couples and teens, Kathryn has had
extensive experience working across many industries, including, mental health, beauty,
education and well-being. Kathryn has all areas covered when it comes to igniting
change, inspiring mental health, awareness, purpose and building support and strong
relationships with clients and colleagues. Therefore fostering true well-being and
growth for all.

As a Counsellor, Kathryn will provide a safe, supportive space for you and your loved
ones to address any challenges or ongoing issues that prevent you from feeling open,
vital and ready to embrace life.

Kathryn specialises in Relationship Support counselling and programs and is trained in
the Gottman Method. She uses Strength-Based Counselling to support couples to reset
their foundations and build strong principles and standards around respect,
communication and intimacy.

“If you feel that your relationship is struggling then it is time to check in. But be
aware, Relationship Counselling is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the full-hearted.
Relationship counselling is for those that know they have a relationship worth
holding on to and what better way to do that than to speak to someone that has got
your back? “ KF

In a world which is often in opposition to our natural expression, 

Kathryn offers private sessions & group work to support 

you and your loved ones to develop the tools you need to bring out the truly amazing you, in your relationships, 

with yourself, at home, work and in life.


On the global stage Kathryn has worked with the best in the Fashion and Advertising industries, the most revered in the Wellbeing and Health sectors and the most sensitive and leading edge in Special Needs Education. 

If it’s about wellbeing, business and mentoring, Kathryn's workshops and programs have been an immense support and a great success for those that have participated.  If it's Education, Kathryn offers a unique and powerful way of providing support to everyone from Leadership to the Educators, to our young adults, right across the platform to the children in our communities with the highest needs.


With Love Camp, I discarded some deep-seated and stifling beliefs about myself. Believing I had nothing to contribute kept me small, fearful and withdrawn from life.

Love Camp swept this away and opened up a window for me to let my light out to life. I was very fortunate to come across the warm and loving Julie and Kathryn."

~ PD, Melbourne

Kathryn is an outstanding advocate for students with disabilities and has outstanding skills in mentoring staff to reach their potential. 

~ Peter Bush, Principal Kalianna School, Bendigo

Working with Kathryn redefined my normal of how I love myself. It brought awareness to the negative self-talk and made me question - how did this become normal? Love Camp also taught me true appreciation and after a 12-month program, I would definitely say that how I felt about myself fundamentally changed.

~ LC, Melbourne

I highly recommend working with Kathryn. Magic happens... when you are truly listened to, you feel understood deeply so, both in whatever is bothering you and the magnificence that you are. Then, when you receive sharings with great wisdom and simplicity - you are getting it all.  

~ LH, Columbia

'Kathryn has a very positive & confirming energy, which is very inspiring. The joy & love exudes from her'

~ PD, Melbourne

"Kathryn is a skilled Counsellor who brings much wisdom to sessions with clients and has an amazing way of making clients feel held and appreciated for who they are. I would highly recommend Kathryn."

~ M.C Business Operations Leader | Wellbeing Coach | Trainer

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