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A Hot Date.

When reflecting on what it is to be on a Hot Date it got me thinking. One of the most attractive things in any person is their inner confidence. Would you agree? No I don't mean their arrogance or their puffed up facade but their actual inner-most connection to who they are.

There is nothing greater than spending time with someone that really loves who they are.

I am serious. You know what I mean? They seem settled in their body, light on their feet, full in their hearts and wisdom seems to effortlessly flow from every pour of their body. They are literally on fire, and that my friends is a Hot Date.

There is of course one other thing that is as amazing as a Hot Date and that is when you feel exactly the same way. So it makes sense to really connect to who you are and your own incredible qualities. Cause lets face it. If you are on a Hot Date you want to be equally as hot right? No comparison, just moving the joy together.

So make a date. Set the scene. Feel the fire burning within and don't hold back bringing your all. This means your realness, sweetness, your inner beauty, your transparency, your delicateness and the whole entire package that is you.

When we bring our all
we ignite a flame within
that cannot be contained.

This internal flame is meant to be felt, seen and shared with one and more. Enjoy being the real YOU with others and most of all truly appreciate yourself. The flames burn brightly when the fire is stoked.

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