Strength Based/Soul Centred Counselling

Self Awareness | Relationships | Self Worth | Teens | Special Needs

The ancient practice of counselling is the simple act of offering a listening ear and a reflection of wisdom to another. Kathryn Fortuna offers counselling in Bendigo and surrounds to people of all walks of life. Online sessions are also available. Holding a safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings, bringing a deeper level of understanding to the issues and obstacles they may be faced with, in life, on a daily basis.


Do you ever feel like speaking to someone confidentially, with an open ear and heart?

Kathryn supports her clients to explore their feelings and emotions, igniting self awareness and supporting them to develop appreciation, resourcefulness and connectivity.


“Kathryn Fortuna embodies and exudes a 'quality' that is truly inspiring. It's a connectedness, a joy and a 'realness'. Sitting down to chat with her at the beginning of a session feels like sitting down with an old friend that you've known for years. She has an innate ability to connect, is highly intuitive and creates such a loving and supportive space.


I feel that she sees the light, beauty and power in all of us, and reflects that back for us to see this in ourselves. The treatments that I've had with Kathryn have been so incredibly powerful, everything that I've been willing to nominate and let go of has shifted for me immediately during a session.

I can't recommend her treatments enough for anyone who is ready to be more of themselves and let go of patterns etc. that are getting in the way of this.”

~ A.G ~ Singing teacher/performer

Kathryn offers counselling in Bendigo and surrounding areas as well as online to support relationship building, clarity of thoughts, addressing behaviours, thought patterns and issues like anxiety and stress. Addressing:

  • Life purpose

  • Body Image and Awareness

  • Relationships

  • Family issues

  • Support for Carers 

  • Mother-Daughter relationship’s

  • Lose and Grief

  • Special Needs including ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Trauma Based Behaviours.    

  • Teens

  • Health and Well Being



Are you ready to bring a deeper level of understanding to the issues you may be faced with, around family, relationships, work or life? Are you ready to make changes in your life and deepen your relationship with yourself and true purpose? Do you need support as a carer or with a loved one or a teen? Offering Strength Based/ Person Centred Counselling in Bendigo and online, for men, women and teens and specialising in caring for carers and assisting teens with special needs, Kathryn Fortuna offers a safe space to anyone wanting to develop a deeper relationship with the way they approach and embrace life, love, relationships and ultimately, their connection to true self.