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YOur Relationship

Hands up who would go on a second date with their partner if they met them today? Hesitating? Or even... No thanks? Hmmm, time to shake off the apathy, boredom and lack of attentiveness to the self-care and self-enquiry. When we say 'I do' we also say 'I will' self-care, I will take care of my life and I will be available and willing to evolve, if not then why commit?


If you feel that your relationship is struggling then it's time to check in. But be aware, Relationship Counselling is not for the faint-hearted. It is for the full-hearted. Relationship counselling is for those that know they have a relationship worth holding on to and what better way to do that than to speak to someone that has got your back?  

'Our relationship with our main squeeze is an opportunity in every moment to learn and grow from within and from each other. Setting our standards with respect, love and appreciation and allowing the other person the space to be themselves, means that the rest is then set for a match made in heaven.'


What are the 12 principles of true relationship? 

How can I nurture and develop my relationship? 

Working as a TEAM

True intimacy and love within my relationship.







Programs. Workshops. Face to Face. Online.  

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