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Our Birth Day. A day of mourning.

How many of us dread having a birthday? You know the feeling. It’s that time again and you can feel the tension building in your body. A little on edge, even a little teary? Soon the birthday will be here and we begin to process all the unfinished business and all the life or even some would say ‘lives’, we have lived, up until this point. Why then, so glum?

What are we truly mourning?
Our lack of living?
Our lack of commitment?
A loss of ourselves beyond this realm?
A loss of our united sense of oneness.

Could the date of our birth trigger a deep-seated, unsettled feeling within us, due to the fact that it represents the actual time we came to be here on earth? The birth day. The moment we physically said yes to the model of life and creation? Let’s face it, it is a wild and crazy idea to be a Being in a body. Such a heavy and solid experience. Even the physical act of birth is the heaviest experience we may experience whilst on earth.

Does celebrating being born make us feel or remember the resistance we have had to truly commit to life and all that, that entails? Does it stir or awaken a part of us that has, in some way, said no to evolution? Being born for most is not an easy task, at the best of times and at the worst, traumatic. So it makes sense to feel a little unhinged around this time of the earth's cycle. But what if we sat for a moment and really got honest with ourselves.

Does birth remind us of the fear and trepidation we had to come here? Possibly from the sense of doing it again and again. Feeling the choice to leave the realm of oneness we are from which we know in our hearts is aeons lighter and operating in the magnificence of universal order and flow.

No wonder we have been resisting life. Resisting being totally, 100 percent, both feet in. Time and time again. So then, have we lived in our fullness or have we simply rolled with it, this thing called ‘life’, doing what is required without much purpose, responsibility or clarity? If the latter is the case, then yes the birth day can be a day of regret and deep sadness.

Have you heard a twenty-one year old
complain about turning a year older?
Or an elder too embarrassed to share their age?
What about the French women that pretend they are older,
to then look youthful, while the others simply lie to conceal their
discomfort when turning another year older.

Birthdays can be a hard day, or a reflective day and sometimes a day of overcompensating to prove that life has been a success and very exciting, ‘out there'. But what about the inner turmoil? The ageing, regret, the delay, the lies, the loss of inspiration and the heartache? Sometimes birthdays can be simply a day to avoid.

The birth of the Being does not just occur on the one day they entered this world through their mother, it is an ever-changing, deepening and expanding day to day movement. As we are beings beyond this world, the birth of us is so ancient, there will never be enough candles to blow out. We, in truth, are eternal and if we do not live each day in our bodies, with pure love and deep level of commitment, appreciation and wonderment, of course, we will feel glum and unhinged around birthday time.

If life is the death and
death is the eternal livingness,
then birthdays mark a commitment
we have made to living in a body to learn,
heal, grow and evolve, together.

So when is your birthday? How will you feel? Rather than complaining about the age we may turn, or the lack of commitment and the drudgery of ageing, why not embrace the moment we came to be here on earth? Why not celebrate the physical birth of ourselves each year and the opportunity we have to reunite with joy and love within our hearts, peeling back the layers, to know that we are here on earth, to live, truly live, to awaken and to one day return to where we truly belong.

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