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One for All and ALL for ONE.

The quarrel, the tiff, the argument and the fight. Call them what you will but all the ways we negatively communicate with our partner create disharmony. But not just for us. When we have had an argument and there are children around they feel the impact also. Just because they are not in the room does not mean they have not been impacted by the disagreement.

So when we finally resolve the disagreement and decide to settle we must remember that those around us have also travelled with us in the disharmony and have been involved in the tension. Taking time to speak to a child and check in is paramount when it comes to giving them space to also heal from the argument that has occurred. Without oversharing, a simple check-in and asking them if they are okay and need to discuss what went on for them is important. Also allowing them to feel the completion of the argument rather than being stuck in the energy of it and never fully feeling that they have resolved the argument as you may have. This may result in them feeling resentment, lack of trust, anxiety and a lack of completion.

Base the relationship you have with your partner on LOVE. Then sense the immense responsibility we have to those around us to heal our hurts, clear our issues and hold them with the same respect and decency along the way. The whole home moves together in disharmony or harmony. What's it going to be? All for one and one for all ...or.... Each to their own?

Staying transparent is key within the relationship and also with the family in the whole household. Then we all learn together how to love, observe, care, support, offer space and nurture each other in fullness. This includes the children equally. Because it is not about the perfection of the relationship but more about how we move through challenges together to then feel the resolution, the respect, the beauty and the truth of what the relationship is based upon.

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