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On the subject of Motherhood.

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

A couple of observations.

Number One.

Being a mother does not mean we own our children. It does not mean we get to push our beliefs and expectations upon them. They are not empty waiting to be filled. They are already filled and wiser than we care to know.

Number Two.

Being a mother does not mean we know more than our children. Learning from them and allowing them to take the lead may be what’s needed to allow for the growth of all.

Number Three.

Being a mother should not mean that being selfless is the answer. Deeply caring for ourselves means we have more love within us for others.

Number Four.

Being a mother is not who we are. It is a role we can express from. We are first a Woman.

Number Five.

Being a ‘Good’ mother is not necessarily what’s true. The truth is when we are being our fully genuine, authentic, sensitive selves without telling others what to do, allows for inspiration not indoctrination.

Number Six

How do you show your mother how much you love her? Drop all the drive and achievements and hype and instead live a life that is aligned to what is real and true.

Number Seven

Being a mother is a sacred expression on this earth. We are the vessel that humanity enters this realm through. We are the nurturing beings that provide a holding Space for humanity to be born and be raised.

Number Eight.

Mothering is not reserved for mothers. It is an activity that can be expressed through any one nurturing others. No attachments just pure connection.

Loving us all on Mothers Day.

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