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Giving S P A C E

Updated: May 18, 2022

What does giving space actually mean?

When we are in a relationship we are inclined to assume that our partner owes us something. We can assume that our partner needs to tend to us, meet our needs, help us and fix our issues. We can also assume that we need to fix them or owe them something.

But what if we tend to our own needs?
Heal our own hurts?
Take responsibility for our own choices?

What if being in a loving relationship means giving space to each other?

Why give space?

To allow the other the room to heal and unfold and evolve. To allow the other person to address what they need to get to, in their own time.

Giving space is offering love. Allowing the other to expand and get to know their own unique way of being on earth. But the key is to first give yourself space. Space to ponder, to rest, to get to know yourself, to heal and to deepen your connection with your true deeper self.

This does not mean distance or disconnection, but rather an observing and allowing of the other to feel held and supported.

When you offer space to you, you can then offer space to others. Giving Space is listening without judgement and letting go of expectations. Both for yourself and others. Watch the magic take place when you offer more S P A C E.

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