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Walking Pretty but feeling Poor?

Leonardo da Vinci, Head of a Woman, 1508

We adorn, tattoo and drive our bodies into the ground with makeup, weights and exercise to contort it into the 'perfect' frame and face. We use makeup and hair products to make ourselves 'more beautiful', we demand a multi-billion dollar 'beauty' industry to wave a magic wand to bring us 'true beauty' But walking pretty and feeling poor is not attractive is it?

'No amount of grooming and preparing our body to be perfect and externally beautiful will ever make us feel truly beautiful on the inside. True beauty is not about the emphasised physical body but more about the quality and purity of the Being that exists within.'

True beauty is not the emphasised devotion to building muscles and the hardness of the physical body but the true care and devotion to the sensitive and extraordinary body we reside in, this time around.

True beauty is not found in the emphasised pout, the colour of the lipstick and the glamour of the makeup but in the delicate transparency of the Being within the body.

True beauty is not where we have emphasised it as being external but instead found in the love, warmth, settlement and access that the body has to our wisdom deep within. Once we access who we are on the inside than the beauty can be felt and will emanate for all to feel. That inner beauty is what we all long for, a connection and a surrendering to the truth of who we are.

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