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Are you ready for change?

Counsellor. Mentor. Wellbeing. Business Health.

Online. Face to Face.

Bendigo. Woodend. Global.

Warm, genuine and connected Kathryn is a counsellor, mentor and facilitator who offers a safe space, a reflection and a supporting platform for you to take that next step, within.

Kathryn works as a Person Centred Counsellor. Often working with adults, children, adolescents and families in areas such as empowerment, awareness, interconnection and more.


Kathryn specialises in Relationship Counselling supporting you to bring appreciation and joy back into your life.

LGBTIQAH++ Friendly 

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Is it time to IGNITE your Fire?

If life feels overwhelming, underwhelming, hard-going, stressful or even not worth engaging in, then isn't it time to make a change? Every single day of your life you have an opportunity to feel more love and joy than the day before.

But when we don't feel great what is it that gets in the way?

Private one to one sessions with Kathryn are designed to support you to deepen your connection and enrich your care and love for yourself.

What do we address?

The Art Of Appreciation and what gets in the way including anxiety, confidence, self-worth, relationships & life. Plus anything else you feel to bring to the program.

Who is this work for? 

Anyone who wants to feel greater ease and joy in their own skin, build confidence and authority and deepen in their relationship with themselves and others.

In a world which is often in opposition to our natural expression, Kathryn supports you to develop your tools to bring the true and amazing you out, in your relationships, with yourself, at work, at home and in life.

Looking for support?

If you would like to book a counselling or mentoring session call Kathryn on 0400 196 519


Does your team need a little inspiration to take the business to the next level?


The wellness of your business or team including Teachers, Education Support Workers, Community Support Workers and staff, relies on the values and support systems that you put in place within the philosophy, practice and framework of your business. Workplace wellness is key to the success of your community.


Are you providing a solid foundation for your team or could the work place culture use a little support?


Talk to Kathryn about:

  • Workplace wellness and one to one counselling

  • Mentoring

  • Caring for the Carers

  • Professional Development Programs

Book your next workplace presentation.

Call Kathryn Fortuna on 0400 196 519



We use the term so loosely, don’t we? But what really is a well-being?


A Well Being is a person that feels well from within, who is settled in who they are in their own skin, as a being in a body. This may include physical health, mental health, inner connection, relationship with self and others, integrity and values, purpose, order and flow, cycles, work ethics and ultimately the way you move through life. Learn more about your well-being and join the newsletter.

For bookings and enquiries
contact Kathryn on 0400 196 519 
or email via the contact form.

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